• An exclusive set of Geocaching treasures. Only 50 sets ever made!

    Get the most out of Geocaching! Limited edition with only 50 sets ever made, unavailable anywhere else.

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Here's what you'll find inside!

Every set includes all of the listed gadgets. All of them were created with this bundle in mind. They're unique and won't be available anywhere else.

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    Cotton Tote Bag

    Perfect for Geocaching treasures, swag, and items.

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    10 Unique Stickers

    Stick it to your stuff, exchange it with others or leave it on your next cache.

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    Notebook & 2 Pencils

    Need to take some notes? Take them with style!

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    4 Cool Pin Buttons

    Show off your Geocaching craze to everyone. It's awesome, after all!

Geocaching Bundle Features

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    Only 50 sets

    We've prepared 50 totally unique gadget sets. First come, first served!

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    Only available now (and never again)

    Only available once. These sets are unique & exclusive.

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    Made in Europe

    Every element of this set was carefully designed and created in Europe.

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    Unique design

    Each of the treasures in this set has a unique design which you won't find anywhere else.

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    $47 instead of $100!

    This set is worth over $100, but since we love (and are) Geocachers, we're putting it up for only $47

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    Free worldwide shipping

    It doesn't matter where you're Geocaching. We'll pack the set and sent it to you. For free!

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  • Who are we?

    Hey! We're Łukasz and Maria, and we're the couple running Geocaching Deals! We love Geocaching just like you, having blazed the cache trails for over 5 years.

    We really wanted to buy some Geocaching gadgets which would help us find caches or could be gifted to other cachers in containers. Unfortunately, we never found anything satisfying us... so we decided to make our own!

    We're graphic designers and we've only created things we'd buy ourselves.

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  • Are you ready for a new, exciting adventure?

    Don't forget your bag, stickers, notepad and pencils... and to pin your badges in a visible place!

    Missing those gadgets? Order them now, risk-free through one of the best selling platforms in the world, Etsy!

    Buy your bundle on Etsy
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